New York State Senator Kevin Parker Suddenly Doesn’t Like Law He Passed

I was perusing Twitter just now, and I spotted this story featuring a New York State Senator named Kevin Parker.

Apparently for some reason he has taken a sudden dislike to a law he passed which resulted in the crazy woman suing President Trump over false accusations she made against him. Continue reading “New York State Senator Kevin Parker Suddenly Doesn’t Like Law He Passed”

Colorado Democrats Show Approval of Perverts Flashing Genitals at Children

Apparently the Democrat Party running the US State of Colorado has axed a bill in the State House that would make it a felony to commit indecent exposure in front of children.

Illinois Shedding Residents

A story came to my attention the other day that the State of Illinois has lost a few residents to other states recently (another statistic they seem to be competing with California and New York to see who can do worst).

Over 105,000 people – resulting in the loss of $10.6 Billion in Tax Revenue.

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Usual thing: Democrat Government, High Taxes, Soft on Crime

Texas Senate Ban Chinese and Hostile Nations from Buying Land

There has been much concern lately with the Chinese snapping up chunks of land across America and other parts of the West, including near sensitive military bases.

Texas have apparently just taken steps to nip this in the bud.

Continue reading “Texas Senate Ban Chinese and Hostile Nations from Buying Land”

New Dress Code at Texas Department of Agriculture

The US State of Texas seems to be on a roll at stamping out stupidity at the moment.

According to TheBlaze, the Texas Department of Agriculture has introduced a new dress code that requires employees to be dressed in a way that reflects their biological gender.

This comes amid the recent trend of many government agencies across the west starting to look like a Monty Python sketch.

Texas Advances Law to Remove Rogue District Attorneys

Posted on Twitter by Governor Greg Abbot yesterday, a story in the Dallas News about the Texas House advancing a law removing rogue District Attorneys for failing to prosecute offenders it is their job to prosecute.

The move comes amid similar problems in other states that has resulted in violent crimes going through the roof because of criminals being released, then going on to cause more problems for people.