Fireball Lottery

This Policy Idea is to add an extra game option to the range of Lottery Games Available in California, with profits used for good causes.

The idea behind it is basically a copy of the Thunderball Lottery game available to people across the pond in the United Kingdom.
Pick 5 Main Numbers from 1 to 39, and 1 Fireball Number from 1 to 14 with prize structure also the same apart from being in US Dollars.
Pick between 1 and 7 Lines at $1 each, for play in draws on: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

5 Main Numbers + the Fireball $500,000
5 Main Numbers $5,000
4 Main Numbers + the Fireball $250
4 Main Numbers $100
3 Main Numbers + the Fireball $20
3 Main Numbers $10
2 Main Numbers + the Fireball $10
2 Main Numbers, or 1 Main + the Fireball $5
0 Main Numbers + the Fireball $3

Like the UK Thunderball original, the top prize would be fixed at 500k with no rollovers if there isn’t a winner.

Profits from the Fireball Lottery game would be spent on the following things, hence the choice of name:

1) Fund Conservation Projects to make California forests less prone to catastrophic fires caused by poor forest management due to policies pushed by environmentalist psuedointellectuals that turned out to be complete crap.

2) Help to pay compensation grants to victims of wildfires to get them back on their feet

3) Help to provide grants to firefighters and fire department support staff past and present if they get into financial difficulty and need to pay for things like disability equipment, make critical home structural repairs, replace something like a Washing Machine or the HVAC in their house or pay towards clearing debts caused by bad luck rather than stupidity (e.g. a medical bill or repair bill, and not something like a gambling debt or drug debt).