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About ConservativeChitChat – a politics website first started around December 2010 with an aim to create a top place for people who like their politics Conservative flavoured to swap ideas (come 2015 things seem to be going better on Twitter than they are on our forums + blogs).

Mainly inspired by hanging around in the comments section over at ConservativeHome for a few years, and getting the hunch it might be a good idea to knock together my own site on the basis I felt there were one or two things needing saying that Tim & Jonathan who were running it at the time were too polite to allow to be said in the comments section.

That first website, including the forum went live on 9th December 2010, with a Twitter account following on 3rd January 2011.

By 2015/2016 some changes were required thanks to EU meddling demanding the site should be cluttered up with cookie consent crap, with the first attempt at installing it causing some corruption on the front landing page that mean’t having to re-build the whole front end of the site from scratch, which admittedly could’ve gone better.

This was followed in 2016 by Google whinging at me that the site should comply with the cookie crap + be “mobile friendly”, even though the site I’d built with my trusty old Netobjects Fusion software worked perfectly fine with my iPhone + iPad. So that issue resulted in me acquiring a new website building software called Mobirise, and the construction of a Mobile Edition of ConservativeChitChat to test it out on.

Progress on furthering the site was halted by around August 2016 after some server upgrades by the webhosts that could’ve gone better, and it’s taken me until February 2017 to work out how I’m now supposed upload stuff to the server so you can see it (now have to use a dedicated FTP software with SFTP function, instead of doing it direct from the one built into the website building software.

Now it’s February 2017 as I write this, and here’s the newest incarnation of ConservativeChitChat to tidy it up a bit, though admittedly the blogs are suffering technical gremlins now.

Article Copy & Pasted from the main Responsive front-end website, and probably needs updating. [Wayback Machine | Live Page]

– Admin, 11th September 2019

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