Concerns 224k Voters in North Carolina May Not Be Able to Vote Due to Missing Information on Voter Rolls

A lesser known news website that big social media companies like to censor on a regular basis is reporting that over 200,000 people in North Carolina may not be able to vote due to important information missing from voter rolls.

Charlotte, North CarolinaAccording to Gateway Pundit, there was a report in The Federalist that the records of 224,000 people in North Carolina are missing the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number (SSN) and their Drivers Licence ID number needed to confirm their registration on the voter rolls are genuine.

There are also concerns in the article of further voter fraud caused by many of the people crossing the US Southern Border by methods that do not comply with United States Immigration Law are being registered to vote in crucial swing states such as Michigan and Wisconsin, even though it is illegal for foreigners to vote in US Elections.

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