California Policy Ideas

This has long been one of my favourite States of the USA, as it has been for many people, and has also been one of the best places for me over the years for making friends online over in the US. (one of my most likely future nagging wives is from there).

For a number of years I have been watch stories of the place in the news starting to get into a bit of a mess due to the quality of the politicians there leaving much to be desired, resulting in major problems that could easily be avoided.

I also tend to hang out on twitter a fair bit with the crowd aiming to Make California Great Again / Make California Golden Again, so I’ve had a few California Policy Ideas brewing in my head for a while ready to stick on a page like this.

Fireball Lottery California Savings, Investments & Insurance
Make California Streets Safer Safe Temperatures in California Jails
Make California Roads and Bridges Usable Rail Infrastructure That Actually Goes Somewhere
Make California Wilderness Fireproof More California Water Storage
Electrical Infrastructure That Works Make California Streets Clean Again
Housing Affordable to Normal People Make Gas Affordable Again with Lower Taxes
Get State Spending Back Under Control Ditch California’s Most Embarrassing Politicians
Make California Schools Educational