Get Beaker Out

It would appear a chance has arisen to get Ed “Beaker” Miliband out of the way for a while.

Apparently he’s been campaign during a polling day embargo thing…….

Toxic Housing Estates Being Built in Britain

Yesterday the Daily Mail had a report about some major failings with the construction of housing estates across the UK.

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Liberal Democrat Run Council Takes Workplace Laziness to New Extremes

Reported in the Daily Mail, the Liberal Democrat run South Cambridgeshire Council is apparently introducing a 4-day work week
(just as we’ve been having enough trouble as it is getting people back into work after the Pandemic).

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ConservativeChitChat is Reborn

After a major technical whoops earlier in the month, the ConservativeChitChat blogs have been re-built from scratch, and re-launched as an attempt at being a news website in addition to being a Conservative Politics blog.

Depending on how much energy I’ve got, I hope to whack things up on a more frequent basis, writing news stories and pointing people in the direction of the better news stories at various well known popular news websites. Continue reading “ConservativeChitChat is Reborn”