Mr Potatohead Fails Basic Biology

A number of people on social media were making fun of Liberal Democrat leader Edward Davey even more than usual today.

Sir Edward Davey, known also by the nickname “Mr Potatohead” was answering a question on the radio on whether it was possible for women to have a penis.

People on Social Media reacted pretty much as you would expect from such a reply. Continue reading “Mr Potatohead Fails Basic Biology”

Liberal Democrats Seek to Stiff Brexit UK in Election Pact

Yesterday the Liberal Democrats were suspected of plotting an election stitch-up with the Labour party by trying to form a coalition as part of the deal.

The deal is also suspected to include a treasonous Brexit referendum they could more than likely use surrender the United Kingdom to a fading unelected foreign entity we’ve barely only just started properly trying to part ways with.

Get Beaker Out

It would appear a chance has arisen to get Ed “Beaker” Miliband out of the way for a while.

Apparently he’s been campaign during a polling day embargo thing…….

Welsh Labour Plotting to Axe Discounts on Council Tax

Sources have revealed that the Labour Party is apparently plotting to abolish discounts to people’s Council Tax bills in Wales for vulnerable people.

The move would see people’s Council Tax bill shoot-up by 33%, so potentially around £396 in some cases, with a £1200 bill jumping to around £1,596 as a rough example (despite the cost of living crisis).