Two Labour Party Members Busted for Election Leaflet Naughtiness

Two stories popped up in my Twitter feed today, both involving members of the Labour Party being up to no good breaking the law by stealing opponent’s election leaflets from people’s letter boxes.

The incidents happened at different areas of the country, one in Bolton and one in Bournemouth.

In the Bolton incident, a Labour Councillor has been suspended from the party for stealing from people’s letterboxes. Continue reading “Two Labour Party Members Busted for Election Leaflet Naughtiness”

Welsh Labour Plotting to Axe Discounts on Council Tax

Sources have revealed that the Labour Party is apparently plotting to abolish discounts to people’s Council Tax bills in Wales for vulnerable people.

The move would see people’s Council Tax bill shoot-up by 33%, so potentially around £396 in some cases, with a £1200 bill jumping to around £1,596 as a rough example (despite the cost of living crisis).