Two Labour Party Members Busted for Election Leaflet Naughtiness

Two stories popped up in my Twitter feed today, both involving members of the Labour Party being up to no good breaking the law by stealing opponent’s election leaflets from people’s letter boxes.

The incidents happened at different areas of the country, one in Bolton and one in Bournemouth.

In the Bolton incident, a Labour Councillor has been suspended from the party for stealing from people’s letterboxes.

John Gillat, the incumbent Labour candidate for Heaton, Lostock and Chew Moor, has been suspended by the party after stealing and destroying literature posted by Independent Choice candidate Gordon Campbell, in an attempt to deny voters a democratic choice.

The other incident was commited by Tom Hayes, the Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Bournemouth East. He was apparently caught in the act on a Ring Doorbell camera.

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