Mr Potatohead Fails Basic Biology

A number of people on social media were making fun of Liberal Democrat leader Edward Davey even more than usual today.

Sir Edward Davey, known also by the nickname “Mr Potatohead” was answering a question on the radio on whether it was possible for women to have a penis.

People on Social Media reacted pretty much as you would expect from such a reply. Continue reading “Mr Potatohead Fails Basic Biology”

Liberal Democrats Seek to Stiff Brexit UK in Election Pact

Yesterday the Liberal Democrats were suspected of plotting an election stitch-up with the Labour party by trying to form a coalition as part of the deal.

The deal is also suspected to include a treasonous Brexit referendum they could more than likely use surrender the United Kingdom to a fading unelected foreign entity we’ve barely only just started properly trying to part ways with.

Local Election Fail

Word seems to be going round that the 2023 local elections have not gone very well for the Conservative Party after the leadership carry on flipping from Boris to Truss, then the stitch-up with Sunak……..

Two Labour Party Members Busted for Election Leaflet Naughtiness

Two stories popped up in my Twitter feed today, both involving members of the Labour Party being up to no good breaking the law by stealing opponent’s election leaflets from people’s letter boxes.

The incidents happened at different areas of the country, one in Bolton and one in Bournemouth.

In the Bolton incident, a Labour Councillor has been suspended from the party for stealing from people’s letterboxes. Continue reading “Two Labour Party Members Busted for Election Leaflet Naughtiness”

Macron Turns France into a European North Korea?

Another one I saw earlier…….. French pensioner insults the President of France, Emmanuel Macron….. so much like in North Korea when somebody insults “dear leader”, he has apparently been sentenced to “Re-Education”…..

Daily Mail Columnist Wacks Nanny State Conservative Party Politicians

Saw this one early Thursday morning that’s worth a look.

Daily Mail Columnist slaps Nanny State Politicians in the Conservative Party, chiefly George “Gideon” Osborne…….

Villiers Wants to Scrap Anti-Car Stupidity

I saw a brief flurry of sense coming from the Conservative Party pop-up in my timeline earlier…….

Get Beaker Out

It would appear a chance has arisen to get Ed “Beaker” Miliband out of the way for a while.

Apparently he’s been campaign during a polling day embargo thing…….

Colorado Democrats Show Approval of Perverts Flashing Genitals at Children

Apparently the Democrat Party running the US State of Colorado has axed a bill in the State House that would make it a felony to commit indecent exposure in front of children.

Time to Scrap the Scottish Parliament?

It looks like this might need to be looked at soon after the current SNP Clown Show has got Scotland into a bit of a mess.

Apparently 80% of readers of the Scottish Express Newspaper are in favour of giving Holyrood the chop.